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Window Brands

You may be looking for 'skylight blinds', 'rooflight blinds' or even 'Velux blinds'. Either way, what you need is a blind for a roof window. At Your Loft Blinds you can be sure that this process will be made as easy as possible for you.

There are several different brands of roof window, although you will often find people referring to a roof window generically as a 'Velux' much in the same way you might say ‘Hoover’ in stead of vacuum cleaner. Below, we explain the types of roof window brand, and the blinds available for each, all of which are available to purchase right here!

Velux  Velux
Market leaders in the production of roof windows both in the UK and worldwide. The Velux brand is one which is the most recognizable to people. Blinds available to purchase for Velux windows include...

  • Blackout
  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Anti Heat

Roto, Colt Roto, Loft Shop)  Roto  Loft Shop
Roto roof windows were launched in the UK over 25 years ago, and have always been number 2 in the market to Velux. Traditionally sold through The Loft Shop Ltd, Roto roof windows are also available through Screwfix, Wickes and Magnet. Blinds available to purchase for Roto roof windows include...

  • Blackout
  • Venetian
  • Roller

Keylite, Fakro and Rooflite  Keylite  Fakro  Rooflite
Making up the rest of the roof window market in the UK are the newer, less well known brands Keylite, Fakro and Rooflite. Again Your Loft Blinds supplies blinds to fit all these window brands, these include...

  • Blackout
  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Anti Heat

Window Type Information

You may already know what brand of roof window you have. If you do not, you can find it in the same place you find all other information about the roof window... on the serial tag!

Most brands of roof window have a serial tag, these can easily be found in the following ways:

Velux, Fakro and Rooflite Roof windows

Velux, Fakro and Rooflite Roof windows

The type and size of your roof window can be found on the data plate, or serial tag, located on the top of the window sash as shown.

Once you have located the tag, you will see one of the following types of serial plate:

Window Tags

Tags may vary slightly to the above depending on the age of the window. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to e mail us at, or call 01903 738518

Once you have located your tag, you are able to establish the manufacturer (Velux, Fakro, or Rooflite) by the logo. The series and the size will also be highlighted.

Typical examples of type or series include:

  • Velux: GGL, GGU, GHL, GPU, GPL
  • Fakro: FTS, FTS–V, FTP, FTP-V, PTP
  • Rooflite: AA, AV, AP, DP, MOE

Window Size Information

This drop down box asks you for required size. Size is referred to differently by all the roof window brands, but is again found on the serial tag, and located either before, or after the type or series.

Typical examples include:

  • Velux: MO4, MO6, MO8, CO4, SO6
  • Fakro: 55/78, 55/98, 78/98, 78/118
  • Rooflite: C2A, C4A, F6A, M4A

Once you have the correct type and size, you can enter this into the drop down boxes and contuinue. If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to e mail us at, or phone 01903 738518 for expert advice.

Colt Roto Roof windows

It is more difficult to establish the correct details on a Colt Roto roof window because of the number of different serial codes that have been used over time. However, the serial number is located in 1 of 2 positions shown below, one on top of the sash, and one on the black arms to the side. The tags are likely to be blue or red, and need to be opened to reveal the codes inside.

Colt Roto roof window serial number locations Colt Roto roof window serial number locations

Once you have revealed your code it is unlikely to match with the drop down options. At this point, and to save you further time, please e mail us at or call us on 01903 738 518, and we will establish your window size, and series and what blind you need straight away! Please don’t try and guess, as it is very difficult to establish the right details from the codes alone.

If, on the other hand, you know what window you purchased, then simply match this up with the drop down menu, e.g.

Series: 435 -- Size: 7/9

Keylite Roof windows

Establishing what blind is appropriate for Keylite roof windows is easy!

Simply measure your visible pane dimensions (width x Height), and match it up to the table below. You are then able to order correctly from the drop down menu!

Keylite Roof window size guide

Types of Blind

All blinds are available in blue, beige or white, and most with FREE next day delivery. There is a simple choice because over the years we have found that 90% of sales are for these 3 basic colours. The reason for that is that they are classic, universal and traditional. It also means you won’t have to replace the blind every time you redecorate.



A Blackout or a Siesta Blind is the most popular selling type of roof window blind. Blackout blinds are used when you wish to totally restrict light from entering a room. Because most loft conversions involve a bedroom, this type of blind is extremely popular as it can totally darken a room when you might be trying to sleep on a sunny mid summers morning!

Venetian Blind

Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are elegant and versatile. They control daylight, and are very much the classic look.

Roller Blind

Roller Blind

Less expensive than Blackout blinds, roller blinds reduce light admittance, and restrict the fading of furniture. They do not totally block out lights, so are more suitable for use in study’s or playrooms.

Anti – heat blind

Functional and effective external blind in black net for maximum cooling effect.

Need another colour, or pattern?

Although blue beige and white make up 90% of roof window blinds sold, you are able to order other colours and styles of roof window blinds for both Roto and Velux roof windows. Please call us on 01903 738504, to discuss your requirements, or e mail